Mr. L.S. Subramanian

Mr. L. S. Subramanian is a thought leader in Digital Transformation and is the Founder & CEO of NISE an advisory firm whose clients include  Startups, Banks, Microfinance companies, retail,manufacturing and exchanges.

He is a Speaker, Trainer, Writer and a trusted adviser to Business Leaders; his expertise include business strategy, cloud computing, information security, start-up companies, program management, Banks and financial markets.

Mr. Subramanian was a Senior team member of some of large corporate in India which include CRISIL, Kotak Mahindra Group, Mahindra British Telecom, Blue Star Ltd, Piramal Group and OTC Exchange of India. 

He is the  Founder Director of the Cloud Security Alliance, Mumbai Chapter and Founder of the Security Technology Forum of Computer Society of India and is associated with CIO Association of India, ISACA Mumbai Chapter, PMI Mumbai Chapter and Institution of Engineers of India